A/B Testing for Email Marketing

Which newsletter will have the best response? Create unlimited split tests and leave that call to your own audience!

Optimize your Campaigns to Get Better Results

Create 2 versions of your mailing and split-test them to 10% of your list. Hours later, E-goi will then send the winning version to the remaining 90%!

Optimize your Campaigns to Get Better Results - E-goi

You’re in Control

Sample percentage, test duration and winner criteria are all customizable in your A/B testing for email marketing.

You’re in Control - E-goi

Improve your Performance

A/B testings which limit you to subject lines only? Not with E-goi! Split-test your contents, newsletter design, sender, anything!

Improve your Performance - E-goi

Real-time Result Tracking

You’ll never be out of the loop on your A/B test. Simply open the split test report and check which newsletter is edging out.

Real-time Result Tracking - E-goi