Reactivate Inactive Clients

Easily automate your customers’ life cycle and engage them with great content, special offers and cross-sells with E-goi’s ecommerce tracking! Retain your costumers making them feel special and they will buy again.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º -Reactivate Inactive Clients - E-goi

Increase Conversions of Online Visits to your Physical Store

Imagine that the client was looking at a product in your online store for more than 5 minutes and left without buying. The client goes to the physical store 2 days later, and immediately receives an SMS with a 10% discount on product X.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Increase Conversions of Online Visits to your Physical Store - E-goi

With Ecommerce Tracking Cut Down on Cart Abandonment

Did a customer go all the way through checkout but stopped short for some reason? E-goi’s Ecommerce Tracking (Track & Engage) will auto-send them an email or SMS with a quick, incentive-driven survey: “Tell us what’s wrong and we’ll slash 5% off the item you wanted to buy”.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Cut Down on Cart Abandonment - E-goi

Integration is a Doddle

Copy, paste, done! Simply add our HTML code snippet to your site and you’re all set. Track & Engage will then log what your customers do so you can trigger engaging actions. Are you familiar with Google Analytics? Pretty much the same thing here.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Integration is a Doddle - E-goi

No Hidden Fees, no Surprises

Oh, I’m sure Track & Engage is some kind of super-expensive extra module or separate plugin”. Think again – we include it by default in your E-goi account at no extra cost!

Ecommerce Tracking - No Hidden Fees, no Surprises | E-goi

And what’s more…

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - automatic goals | E-goi

Automatic Goals

Use E-goi’s automatic goals to send an email or SMS when a product is added to the shopping basket or when a purchase is made.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Ready to use automations | E-goi

Ready to Use Automations

Want to communicate with your clients automatically, but don’t know where to start? We’ve already got ready to use automations for reactivating abandoned shopping basket and inactive clients!

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Real time statistics | E-goi

Real Time Statistics

See everything that’s happening in your online store in real time. How many logins, where the visitor is and even if they’re ready to buy!

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - Loyalty | E-goi


Through Ecommerce Tracking (Track & Engage), you will be able to see the number of purchases and total spend of every client. Take the opportunity to create a rewards program for your most valued clients.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - request feedback | E-goi

Request Feedback

Getting feedback from your clients is important to improve your product or service. For example, when the client is made their first purchase, send an email with a questionnaire about their buying experience.

Ecommerce Tracking 360º - mobile tracking | E-goi

Mobile Tracking

Want to know what your clients were doing with your IOS or Android app? You can include the Track & Engage code and create automations based on your clients’ behaviour in any app!