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Online and off-line Business Opportunities

Are you in a real estate event or exhibition? Take the GoiMeUp app ( or ) with you and collect contacts of those interested, even without an Internet connection! Don’t lose sight of a single business opportunity.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Online and Off-line Business Opportunities | E-goi

Anticipate Needs

Monitor every client’s journey through your website and understand what they seek. If a client is searching for a 2 bedroom apartment in London, add this information to the contact and automatically send them several options for your portfolio.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Anticipate Needs | E-goi

Sell with Style

Want to send a newsletter but don’t have the resources, or know where to start? E-goi has ready to use, professionally designed templates with a super simple editor!

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Sell with Style | E-goi

Sales Intelligence

So the buyer’s looking for a property with a pool? Flag this desire and immediately send them suggestions for other properties with pools.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Sales Intelligence | E-goi

Instant Opportunities

Did somebody show interest in a particular property? Immediately send an SMS to those who clicked on one of the offers, asking if they’d like to book a viewing.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Instant Opportunities | E-goi

Grab their Attention with the Fine Details

Display each property’s best features on a landing page and request the visitor’s contact details. Use one of our free templates to highlight the opportunity and focus on promoting the page.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Grab their Attention with the Fine Details | E-goi

And what’s more…

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Become an Expert | E-goi

Become an Expert

How to choose a property? What’s involved in the transfer of deeds? Create relevant content and send it automatically by email. Gain the trust of house hunters and sell more.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - Listen to your Clients | E-goi

Listen to your Clients

Showed the client a property but didn’t close the sale? Send them a question and ask them what happened. Feedback is valuable to improve your performance.

Ideal for Real Estate Marketing - A/B Testing | E-goi

A/B Testing

The newsletter you sent didn’t bring the results you hoped for? It’s time to change your strategy. Test several versions of your newsletter and send one that had the best results.

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

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