Create Unforgettable Experiences in Tourism

E-goi’s multichannel marketing automation provides all the necessary tools to guarantee client satisfaction. Perfect for hotels, travel agents or airlines.

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Gain New Travellers

Diversify your capture methods E-goi offers forms, pop-ups, landing pages or even integration with Facebook Lead Ads to capture new travelers.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Gain New Travellers | E-goi

Learn about your Clients’ Preferences

The easiest way to sell is to know what your clients want. Monitor every client’s journey through your website and understand their preferences. Is the client looking for a town with a ski resort? Send them your offers and get one step closer to the sale!

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Learn about your Clients' Preferences | E-goi

The Perfect Setting… Always!

Holiday time is very special to your clients, so present them with the perfect paradisiacal scenario with breath-taking and totally free email templates.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - The Perfect Setting Always | E-goi

Be the Guidebook your Clients Love

Make your clients experience unique. Activate automatic sequences with suggestions based on the travel destination, or if you have an app, send messages with geolocation. How about wishing them a good trip get to the airport?

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Be the Guidebook your Clients Love | E-goi

Help your Guests

People still have a schedule, even when on holiday. Be your clients’ personal assistant, send them an automatic voice call to wake them up or an SMS alert an hour before check out. Imagination is the limit.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Help your Guests | E-goi

Encourage them to Return

Gaining client loyalty is cheaper than capturing new ones. Don’t miss the opportunity and encourage clients who have already chosen you, to come back.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Encourage them to Return | E-goi

Become Unforgettable

Don’t run the risk of being forgotten! Create automatic email sequences to keep in contact with your client, with relevant content during every season of the year. The client will remember you again when they are on holiday.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Become Unforgettable | E-goi

And what’s more…

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Satisfaction Surveys | E-goi

Satisfaction Surveys

However rewarding the experience may be, there’s always something that didn’t go so well. Always send your client a survey to get feedback and improve your service.

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - Automatic Newsletter | E-goi

Automatic Newsletter

With E-goi you can create automatic email campaigns with your best offers. Set it up only once and you’re ready to go! E-goi will take care of it by itself!

Ideal for Tourism Marketing - API | E-goi


 We’ve got an API designed to do things remotely on E-goi (eg. uploading contacts, sending campaigns, etc.).