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WooCommerce SMS Plugin

Automatically sends SMS notifications with the states of your orders to your customers! Increase conversions for your Online store!

What can you do with this SMS Plugin for WooCommerce?

Notificações SMS para WooCommerce | E-goi

SMS Alerts

You know that 90% of SMS are read up to 3 minutes?

Increase Sales

Send SMS from the States of your customers. All automatic!

E-goi RGPD Compliant

GDPR Compliant

E-goi is completely compliant with GDPR.

What can I do with this SMS plugin for WooCommerce?

With the Plugin SMS for Woocommerce of E-goi you can increase the confidence of your customers in order processing and automate processes.

Closer to the Customer

Send SMS to notify the customer of the change in the status of your orders. It can be sent to all clients or only to those who have requested such notification at the time of payment.

The SMS is much more effective!

The SMS channel is the tool for more effective communication, with high level of openness. In addition, 90% of SMS are read in 3 minutes!

notificações sms

Increases the N.º of Payment Orders

Don’t waste money! You have invested, you did conquer the client and he even did an order but it has never paid? Send SMS from the States of orders and increases the trust of your customers to increase your sales.